A day of new things


TODAY WAS AWESOME. This week has been so productive


1. I got a new iPhone. I purchased the apple care protection plan when I first bought my phone. It is a warranty from Apple that covers your phone up to two years after purchase. My warranty expires on Sept 7 and my phone’s home button has been sticking, phone has been freezing, apps constantly crashing…. So anyhow, I went to the apple store… AND GOT A NEW PHONE. Free. Well sort of free…. I paid $79.99 when I first got my phone for warranty… the phone is worth $169.99 retail.

Now I just have to get all my apps re-installed.


2. I got a free panty from Victoria Secret! No purchase necessary… walked in, picked panty, gave coupon, left!! Yay!! $12.50 value… FREE!

I also have a $50 gift card from there, but VS is STUPID. I tried on some workout shorts that looked so cute… well they looked like a stage curtain on me



I tried on a bra that was supposed to make your boobs look two sizes bigger. And that it did. I looked ridiculous. My torso is small, and my chest is so flat and bony that it looked so awkward. I actually felt embarrassed just looking at myself in the mirror, and that doesn’t happen often. It was also around $75, I can’t… and could ever… justify spending that much on a bra. My mom took pics of me because of how outrageous it looked, but the sales person told her she had to delete the pics because of “company policy”. Yeah okay… I’m no one gets away with taking pictures in the change room…. *sarcasm*

And I tried on a long sleeve workout shirt… $60…. why so expensive? It felt nice, but ehhhh…. can’t spend all that on a shirt.

I was happier walking out of there with my free underwear. 😀

Photo 2013-08-27 2 53 59 PMPhoto 2013-08-29 12 28 55 AM


3. I went to bulk barn today (one of my FAVE places) and picked up some coconut flour. OH MY GOODNESS. It smells AMAZING. I found some recipes for it, and I tried one tonight that only required a microwave…

It smelt very good, tasted okay, but the texture of the cookies was almost like CHALK… I wonder if it would have been better in the oven. Tomorrow I am going to try a pancake recipe, and I think I know how to make it less chalky.

I want to find a good recipe to use because I bought $5 worth of bulk coconut flour, lol. And the fiber content in the flour is wonderful.

This was the texture of the mix before heating it up

Photo 2013-08-28 11 36 51 PM


And this was after

Photo 2013-08-28 11 44 45 PM


The recipe is very small… makes 5 cookies… the whole recipe is 100 calories for the ingredients I used. (recipe:  http://www.foodiefiasco.com/cheesecake-cookies-squared/)




4. I had a great skype date with the bf. We even played mad gab, oh that game cracks me up.



Yesterday I met up with a girl that I grew up with, it was a blast.

On Monday I bought 2/4 textbooks that I need.

School starts next Thursday.

I’m going camping on Saturday and Sunday with a bunch of aunts and cousins, girls weekend.  YAY!

14 thoughts on “A day of new things

  1. That curtain pic cracked me up!! LOLOL. But you sound like a bargain shopper like me. I could never spend that much on a bra or a shirt!! But score on the free undies!

    Does coconut flour actually taste like coconut? It intrigues me… I might like to try it!

    • Bargain shopping is the ONLY way to shop in my opinion 🙂

      The thought of coconut flour right now still makes me want to puke (you saw my instagram pic!!!), ugh puke puke puke. Smells good and tastes TERRIBLE. Save your money and don’t buy any!

  2. Lol at the curtain. My friend bought $300 of intimo bras I was like Wtf. Max I spend on bras is $50 lol I think VS is soooo overrated! I never buy anything from there not that we even have many stores here. Those free panties are cute though. I don’t know how you do the long distance thing with ur bf. How long have you been together ?

    • I would totally be like wtf at the $300 spent on bras too!!! I agree that VS is overrated… we have a place here in Canada called “La Vie un Rose”, THEY HAVE THE BEST CLEARANCE PRICES… $8 bra? Hell yeah!

      My boyfriend and I have been together for two years in October!

  3. Yay for a new iPhone! Love taking advantage of purchased warranties!!
    I always get the VS coupons and give them to my daughter. She loves it! They are unnecessarily expensive!!
    I’ve never seen or even heard of it! Lol sounds like something I want to try!!

  4. I got my new iPhone for a buck!!! 😝

    Sweet vs panties! Your mom is so funny taking pics. How are their workout gear? Besides expensive. Or they like just sweats? I have a pair of sweatpants from there that I wear to the gym ☺

    God damn. I need to eat your cooking!!!

    Oh fun weekend fam time. It’s Labor Day weekend here (and there? Haha) and all that I know I’m doing is going to Eric’s fam’s BBQ. Tagging along with Cindy!

    • Their workout gear is great… they have more than just sweats! They are beautiful colors!! All spandexy and sexy, lol… well except the shorts I tried on.

      AND YUCK, you do not want to try my coconut flour experiments. I made coconut flour pancakes today, with pumpkin pie spice in it… and oh my gosh, it was disgusting and I wanted to puke. I made my mom try it and she said “I feel like puking”… I never have made anything that nasty in my life. The texture of coconut flour is gritty and chalky… honestly feels like vomit in your mouth.

      And yes it’s labor day weekend here too!!! BBQ sounds delicious!!! That will be so fun 😀

      • Oh dear, I would never wear spandex shorts!!! Haha I’m too hard on myself. I do wear yoga pants 🍌 I have 2 spandex tops like crossback if you know what I mean? I want more! Vs have that?

        And hahahaha I didn’t know Canada and the US 🍆

        • Sometimes canada and US have different holidays!!! So it wasn’t a silly question 💃

          And the shorts I tried on were spandex, but then loose pink material over top… super cute on hanger, ugly and like a curtain on me. This girl right here lost badonkadonk! 😔 UGH! And yes!! They have cross back tops, but SO EXPENSIVE. 💰💰💰 Go to walmart! 😜 In North Dakota, walmart had some CUTE work out clothes, similar looking to the stuff in VS, lol!!! 🍆🍆

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