Lazy Friday


It’s windy here, and I feel so damn lazy! Not a muscle in me wants to move… Including my brain!

Last I wrote, it was Monday, I think… Well since Monday I have mentored, written a midterm and got my period. I have no shame in blogging about my period… LOL I usually don’t just randomly blog about it though… The fact it was 2 months late is why it was blog worthy in my eyes. So finally I got it.

I did kick boxing on Wednesday and I am still sore, it was such a great workout and I can feel it all in my back, shoulders, arms and obliques.

Tuesday was first night of actually mentoring and it was SO FUN!! Oh I love my kids. My group has 9 kids and there’s me and two other mentors. I was asking them all what they were gonna be for Halloween and the one that stood out to me was this little girl who is being a minion from dispicable me! How cute!! I love that movie. I got to forget about everything going on with life and school and just hang out and encourage these kids. It was phenomenal, because they are all disadvantaged kids, but at the end of the night you could just hear them talking excitedly about how they had so much fun!! They cannot wait for next week. It brought a huge smile to my face 🙂 I can’t wait for next week to volunteer again either!

I’m laying in bed typing this on my phone… I could fall asleep.. Even though I woke up at 11:30… And it’s only 3 in the afternoon now. Blahhhh!

I was productive after I woke up though! I’ve been reading rich dad poor dad for a book report in my one class… I’m almost done the book, I went into it thinking it would be boring for some reason, but I’m actually enjoying it!


6 thoughts on “Lazy Friday

  1. I want to read Rich Dad Poor Dad…if I ever get to read for leisure again anyways!

    Oh! I want to try kickboxing! That sounds like a ton of fun. I feel like I need to work on building my cardio up still though.

    • I use a kick boxing video on youtube!! There’s so many great free workouts on youtube, and I have a blast doing them in my bedroom 🙂

      I definitely recommend rich dad poor dad! One day you will get to read it, don’t worry!

      • I have it sitting on my to be read stack of books. Someday someday someday.

        I should really look into youtube workout videos. I’ll have to clear some space in my room and have a go at it. It’ll be a good way to release some pent up energy!

  2. I hear everyone talking about winter weather and I hate that Miami is still so hot. I love this time of year though, when dasylight savings is over and it gets dark at 6 pm!!
    Mentoring sounds like fun and I’m glad you found joy in doing it!

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