5 Ways to Win my Heart


As I said yesterday, I am starting a thirty day challenge! And I am actually getting to day one before midnight!

Day One: 5 Ways to Win your heart

1. Be silly! This is a NEED. If you are not silly, I’m going to have a hard time letting you win over my heart šŸ˜‰

2. Cook (or bring me food). This is a NEED as well, LOL, the inner foodie in me delights with joy over anything with the words “chocolate”, “cheesecake”, and “cheese”!

3. Converse intellectually and emotionally. Instead of the mundane “how are you, what did you do today?” conversation, talk to me about your thoughts and ideologies. Tell me what you think, believe and feel. Emotions are great! I love emotions. (NOTE: this doesn’t mean I like when people are OVERLY emotional, just to clarify, haha).

4. Send emojis. How lame is this one? Very. My bff and I have our own secret language drowning in emojis! Love them, love her!

5. And last but not least… be adventurous. Lets run through a cemetery, go for a date to an Orange grove, ride a monster truck! Push me around in a shopping cart, go to the beach, dress up like we’re rich and go to mall at millenia and make cookies at 2 am!


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