Did I bring the cold with me?


Okay, so my last post was about the health thing that I had been experiencing for awhile. I was very reluctant to start taking the anti-depressants that the Gyno prescribed (for pain sensors misfiring), just because I didn’t know what the effects would be. I was afraid I would be a walking zombie. I actually started them before my exams were over… which was a little risky… but I am so happy that I did that. I have not been tired because of them, and they have progressively reduced the pain and discomfort. So now I don’t even feel pain as I move or sit. I am still taking a break from working out, but its okay, it’s christmas time anyways πŸ˜‰
The only thing that these pills have done as a side effect, is that they have made it extremely difficult to go to the bathroom (TMI??).. Which has made me bloated and slightly uncomfortable in my bowels, but at least no pain and I can move.
I have almost 2 weeks left of the pills.

I am in Orlando now, I got here Friday afternoon. My boyfriend took Friday off to pick me up and spend the evening with me. When I got here we got sonic (my fave) and exchanged presents. I got a Guess purse from him, and for our anniversary a couple months ago he got me a guess wallet, so now I have things that go together!! I got him a crossfit gym membership – he wanted it, I wasn’t rude and trying to get him to workout, lol – and some special oreos we have in Canada that he likes (AND I FLEW HERE, thats a present too, hahaha). Friday evening was an absolute disaster, I had woken up at 5:30 in the morning, drove to 2 hours, got on a plane for 3.5 hours… I hadn’t gotten enough sleep and something happened in the evening that sent me over the edge emotionally… An accident happened — not a car accident or anything. But I handled it, and I hope everything will be okay. Friday evening by the time it was 10 pm I just crashed out in bed.

Saturday and Sunday my boyfriend worked at his part time job (and put in his 2 weeks notice of quitting!!!! Its going to be so great when he is finally done working there on the weekends).
So on Saturday I went out with his mom and aunt shopping… Which was fun, I didn’t get anything for myself. However I did find something for my momma. She’s been looking for this one seasoning, and I finally found it!!! It will be an unexpected stocking stuffer πŸ™‚

Sunday (yesterday), I went to this Church event at my boyfriend’s dad’s church… It was this big thing where 4 other churches came to their church, and there was singing, dancing, food, visiting.
The concert itself was over 3 hours long, but afterwards, we got to eat cake, food, and visit.

I know quite a few people because I met some Church people in the summer. It felt great to catch up with everyone. There is a 18 year old who I met in the summer and she was about to start college and was extremely nervous for it, so I got to see how her semester went and everything. And the KIDS, oh the KIDS, they remembered me and they were so excited when I asked them about certain things they told me in the summer “YOU REMEMBERED?!?”. Adorable.

The food was amazing, of course. And the cake… oh the cake was great. And don’t get me started on the green beans. Someone must’ve put crack in them because I could eat plate fulls of them. I’m sure it was probably just butter, salt and garlic, but honestly I have never had such amazing green beans.

In the summer I remember being quite nervous because in all these Church events I was the only white person, and I didn’t know how I would be received…. But you know what? Everyone in the church is very friendly. I wasn’t treated any differently

So last night I wasn’t even nervous about it, because I KNEW I would be the only white person, but I also knew that it would go just fine.
I am not used to such racial segregation (for lack of better words?????) in Canada, so thats why I am never quite sure what to expect here in Florida.

This year I have continued mentoring inner city kids in my city, and I think that has really helped me grow as a person, and to develop good leadership roles and to be able to communicate effectively with children.

Now I am sitting in the real estate office my boyfriend works in, and waiting for a meeting to happen. It was supposed to start in 2 minutes, but the guy said he would be 10 minutes late.

Later today we are going to see this couple who I havent seen in a whole year. I really like them, and it’s funny because she is white and he is black (like my bf n I)… But she is similar to me, and her husband is similar to my boyfriend… So all of us get along really well. They JUST had their second baby…. 3 days ago…. and they already invited us over for DINNER. I was shocked when my bf told me that they invited us over so soon. But I guess since I am only in for a week, they really wanted to get together??

Tomorrow we have a christmas get together to go to. I’m bringing cookies n cream fudge that I made back home… and will probably pick up some sugar cookies from the store (because it’s hard to bake when you are not in your own house/kitchen)… the bf is making chicken (of course).

And it’s very cold here. I thought I would be able to handle it, but it is COLD. Not as cold as it is back home, but I am used to it being hot here!!!!

Long post, I hope everyone else is well πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Did I bring the cold with me?

  1. Yay! I’m glad you’re feeling better and made it through finals ok!
    It’s been unusually cool in Miami…like in the 60’s everyday. I like it, not complaining!
    Wait, special oreo’s? What kind are they? Now I want some!! LOL

    • Thank you :)!! Yes the cold is probably a nice break from the warm weather you guys have all year!! I wish it were summer time here at home, haha, the weather here has us all staying indoors. They were gingerbread oreos, I dont know if they have them in america (i didnt see them?) but they are quite good

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