Oh boy I just got home from the wedding….

It was a great time… I definitely had a blast getting all dolled up… I even managed to do a cute updo in my hair… Usually my go-to hair for special occasions is down and curled, but with my dress I wanted my hair up.  And hey, some variety is good. 

AND….. it managed to stay in place ALL NIGHT LONG. I guess thats what a lot of hair spray and some bobby pins can do.

Another thing that lasted all night long was my feet… even though I wore heels the whole time. I didnt take them off once. I was honestly very surprised that I was able to last with them on, but they actually never hurt my feet – even while dancing up a storm.

I felt absolutely beautiful… and confident… I was myself, I was funny, charming, witty and personable. 

The wedding ceremony was outdoors and at a golf club, which is risky for October but it was abnormally warm today and there was no wing or rain, it was perfect weather. One thing that was odd though was that there were HOARDS OF LADYBUGS. They were on EVERYONE. I have never seen so many ladybugs in my life. They were all over the rocks and buildings too. 

The ceremony was short and to the point…. I actually didn’t know ANYBODY but the bride and groom, but I chatted with this one girl who I sat with so it wasn’t lonely.

Afterwards, another girl I went to university with showed up and I caught up with her – although she is quite shy so I felt like I was the only one jabbering away. 

The reception was good… 4 course meal. The best part of the meal was dessert. They gave out individual peacan pies… but they were quite a good size and I ate every last piece. So good!! I have only had peacn pie once before, and it wasn’t that great… but this one was really good…  

Since I didn’t really know anybody at the wedding I had to make some friends… what is a better way of making friends than  getting on the dancefloor?

I danced for a while… got friendly with some girls… it was good. Then a guy came and told me that it looked like I needed someone to dance with… Sure! Okay … which was fine, but then he started saying realllllly cheesy things… and once a slow song came on, and I told him “I HAVE TO USE THE BaTHROOM REALLLLLLLY BADLY” and left. 

Since I am in a relationship I have different boundaries I don’t cross with other guys… One boundary that I dont cross is slow dancing. 

Later on I went back and danced some more, but without that guy, lol! 

They had a ncie 4 tier wedding cake that probably cost them a good amount of money…. but all they did with it was take a picture of them cutting it and then later on took it out at the end of the night in a carboard box… they didnt eat it, we didnt eat it… they didnt even do that thing where they shove cake in each others face. —- I don’t understand the point of getting a custom made cake to just take a picture???????????? and not even eat it???????? a big 4 tier cake and not eating it???????? why have 4 tiers??????? So many questions, so little answers 

They had a candy bar too…. skittles, herseys chocolates, coke bottles, gummy bears, peach rings. I like candy bars. 

They also had a free bar… and I dont usually drink… but I ended up getting 3 drinks. That’s really rare for me to do, but I dont regret it … I had malibu and orange juice, and then malibu and 7-up… but on my 3rd drink I decided I didnt want it so I barely drank it. 

I am leery about drinking because I come from a family with a history of alcoholism on both my mom and dad’s side…. I never want to go down that path. But I guess it has to do with the reasons why you drink too… I wasn’t drinking to escape or to numb myself… I was having a couple drinks because (1) I wanted to (2) I was not driving (3) It was free (4) when you allow yourself things in moderation, you won’t go overboard or end up binging. 

Now I am tired… full of candy… and ready for bed… but I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go celebrate with them. 


2 thoughts on “Confidence

    • It was an absolute blast! I am wishing I had another wedding to attend to this weekend, but looks like I’ll be slow dancing with exam prep material instead — which I guess is acceptable. ha ha ha.

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