I am finally becoming the person I always wanted to become.

I just finished reading a couple of my last blog posts.

A lot has changed since then

  • I graduated university with honours
  • I got a job, in the organization that I had mentored in for three years (MY FIRST REAL JOB)
  • I’m now shopping around for my very own car!!

I started my new job on September 6th. So I have worked for a two weeks now. I am a program coordinator. I absolutely love it, I have had the greatest time and everything has transitioned very smoothly.

I enjoy working 100x more than going to university. Funny thing is that I thought I loved university and I thought I loved all that… but now that I am working in an organization that I know and love, it is WAY better than studying. I am still learning, growing and being immersed in topics and situations I find fascinating.

I work for a non-profit mentoring organization that buses in children from different schools around the city to the university. The gist of it is that we connect children with university mentors, and explore the possibilities of post-secondary.

A few things haven’t changed

  • Still in a long distance relationship
  • I’m still me
  • Still kinda struggling with eating-disorder tendencies, but it has improved.


I don’t think I have ever felt so fulfilled or happy.

I think that this has actually helped me a bit with the eating-disorder tendencies I was displaying. I now have another focus, other goals, other responsibilities – a sense of purpose. So, I don’t have as much time to waste on thinking destructively. HOWEVER, I am hoping this is not just covering those issues up, and that I am not ignoring their existence.

Sooo, last night I was looking for stationary for work. I absolutely love cats, so I was searching around for cat sticky notes (lol). Anyways, I ended up on and found a bunch of things. It was so hard not to buy everything that I liked, haha but it was cheap, so whatever. Here’s what I ordered last night:

Cat sticky notes!!!

Phone cases. I just had to get that funky looking one in the middle. Why does the cat have a tomato on their head? I have no clue, I had to buy it.


I have been looking for a shirt like this, with the cat nose a heart

I spent a grand total of $13 CAD

I already have more things in my shopping cart. Good thing I have a full-time job now — and these things are insanely cheap. I also am gonna end up ordering some cords for my phone, nail stickers ($0.87 for 10 sheets of nail decorations? SURE!)… Also found this belt for when I exercise to stick my phone in – the one I have now doesnt fit my new phone.

Tomorrow I actually work two jobs
1. Cleaning –> I have been cleaning this ladies house since 2011, but now that I have a full time job, tomorrow will be my last day cleaning
2. My program coordinator job –> not supposed to work Mondays in September, but I have to go to an important meeting, so that’s what I will be doing!

I am looking forward to another week at work.

I want to start reading & writing more. I started reading “A House Without Windows” today, and so far it is BEAUTIFUL. I am on Chapter 5, but I just adore it already.




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